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Voy Media

Why Voy Media Specializes In Social Media

With so many people buying products online and Google searches at an all time high, it might seem a bit strange that a company like Voy Media specializes into social media and largely leaves older forms of marketing behind. Even if their results speak for themselves, it can be a bit jarring to think about putting all of your eggs in one basket and trying to make it big via the Facebook feeds and Instagram scrolling sessions that we all put time into every day. However, the amount of time that we spend online and the possibilities to get more information on social media really make this a smart decision.

Voy Media

A huge number of companies promote themselves on social media in ways that they no longer promote themselves in print or even in search results. This is because the rate the people click, engage, share with their friends, and tag the brand is much higher than people doing the same from basic searches. People spend so much of their time online that reviewing a company they like or recommending a shop to their friends has become second nature. When people are bored or looking for something new, they switch on their phone and scroll until they find something that makes them interested.

The entire point of marketing via social media is to be the product or the service that makes them interested and makes them stop scrolling. They don’t have to expend effort to find your ad, instead it’s targeted to them in a personalized way that makes them want to click. That’s the power of social media – making it so customers come to you and not the other way around.

Now that you know a bit more about social media, hopefully it makes more sense to advertise there than anywhere else. After all, why work harder when you can work smarter?